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Among the excursions that can be done from Barcelona there is one that especially surprised us and left us totally speechless. We had been here for many years when we were lucky enough to make a route through the Congost de Mont-rebei in the province of Lleida. The Congost de Mont-rebei is a wonderful gorge and is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular landscapes in Catalonia. Being relatively far from Barcelona (about 3 hours by car), this beautiful natural site is still not as crowded as other tourist places in Catalonia. Here we explain everything you need to know to plan a route to the Congost de Mont-rebei, one of the excursions from Barcelona that will leave you speechless.


What is and where is the Congost de Mont-Rebei?

The Congost de Mont-rebei is a gorge in the Sierra del Montsec that is located on the border between the provinces of Lleida in Catalonia and Huesca in Aragon. The gorge was created by the river Noguera Ribagorçana with impressive rock walls of more than 500 meters and at its narrowest point the width is only 20 meters.

What to do in Congost de Mont-rebei

There are several activities you can enjoy in this fantastic natural setting. The most obvious option is walking as there is a path carved into the rock walls throughout the canyon. This path follows the entire time above a precipice that in many places reaches up to 500 meters high. The views are dizzying and at several points they have placed handrails to ensure the greatest safety. The route is not dangerous, but you have to pay attention all the time to avoid getting lost. Another very important thing to know about the route through the Congost de Mont-rebei is that basically all the time you will be under the sun, without much shade, so in summer be prepared for a lot of heat. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water with you and a cap to cover your head.

Excursions from Barcelona congost-montrebei-route

Another great way to enjoy the magic of the Congost de Mont-rebei is by kayak. This option is especially popular in summer because you get much less tired and with the tremendous heat you will feel like stopping from time to time and jump into the water. Just outside the parking lot, at the entrance of the Congost de Mont-rebei you will find some guys who manage the rental of kayaks.

Map of points of interest in Congost de Mont-Rebei

Routes through the Congost de Mont-rebei

There are several routes that can be done in the canyon, here we mention the most popular ones

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Route 1. From the Masieta parking to the end of the Gorge

kayaks in congost-montrebei, route from Barcelona

The path that crosses the Congost de Mont-rebei belongs to the GR-1 route. Leaving the Masieta parking we can make the most typical excursion from north to south to the end of the gorge. It is about 3.5 kilometers and is a fairly easy hike. The excursion is not suitable for those who have a lot of vertigo, nor for small children.

Route 2. From the Masieta parking lot to the Congost del Seguer suspension bridge

Excursions from Barcelona congost-montrebei-route

Although to get to the suspension bridge that crosses the Congost del Seguer only adds a kilometer and a bit to the first option, this section, from the gorge to the bridge, is an important descent so that on the way back you will have a lot of climbing and in the summer months you will sweat a lot. From the bridge it is quite easy to go down by side paths to the river and enjoy a good swim before starting the return route.


This is the route that we have done and we thought it was great. Here we describe it in more detail. From the Masieta parking lot you will have to follow a signposted path that crosses a plain on the river bank (in the season when the river level is high, you will have to take an alternative route). Before reaching the gorge you will have to cross the first suspension bridge that can give you a bit of vertigo. Soon you will see the entrance to the Congost de Mont-rebei and its huge walls that at some point reach 500 meters high from the canyon.


Here begins the path carved into the wall of the gorge which is the coolest part of the hike. You will feel like stopping every 5 meters to admire this incredible beauty of nature with the small colorful kayaks that advance at the bottom of the Congost de Mont-rebei. A landscape that somehow reminded us of some images from the Lord of the Rings movie. At a certain point the gorge opens up and the river also becomes much wider. Here begins the descent to the second suspension bridge (the Congost del Seguer) and although the views with the descents become less amazing, it is worth going down to the bridge to see the Congost from another point of view.

Route 3. From the Masieta parking lot to the Montfalcó Hostel

From the bridge of the Congost del Seguer you can follow the route by a very steep wooden stairs that are in the rock wall (quite impressive) following this route you reach the hostel Montfalcó. We have not tried this route due to lack of time, but one day we will do it!

Route 4. From the hermitage of Mare de Déu de la Pertusa from South to North

The more “mountaineers” or daring can make the route from the hermitage of the Mare de Déu de Pertusa from north to south. This route is somewhat more difficult and from what we have heard the views are less spectacular than in options 1 and 2.

Route 5. From the Albergue de Montfalcó from South to North

Those who want to start the hike in Aragón and want to do a long route, can opt for this route, which is quite long and complicated. In addition, this route goes mostly outside the congost, so it is considered less spectacular than the other options.

River in congost-montrebei, Excursions from Barcelona

How to get to Congost de Mont-rebei

The gorge has several accesses, both on the Catalan side and on the Aragonese side. On an excursion from Barcelona, themost typical access is from the Masieta parking lot. You have to take the A-2 from Barcelona and we recommend not to take the detour to Balaguer in Tàrrega, although this route looks shorter on the map. If you go this way you will end up traveling a long stretch on a narrow and poorly paved road. The best option is to follow the A-2 to Lérida and take the N-230 to Puente de Montaña where you will take the narrow and bad road to Congost de Mont-rebei. This way you will travel less kilometers on a road in bad condition. The Masieta parking is paid (it was 5 euros when we went) and some weekends in summer it is usually full.

Excursions from Barcelona congost-montrebei-route

Other entry points to the Congost are the hermitage of Mare de Déu de la Pertusa (in Catalonia) or the hostel of Montfalcó (in Aragon), which if you are on an excursion from Bracelona, can be reached without problem but it takes longer and also for us the most beautiful part of the Congost de Mont-rebei is the one near the parking of the Masieta.

The excursion from Barcelona to the Congost de Mont-rebei can be done as a day trip, although for that you will need to get up early, as it is a 3 hour drive to get there from Barcelona. Anyway, if you can, we recommend you to spend the night in a village of Lérida near the Congost to avoid having to drive too much in the same day.

We are sure that we have made you want to make a route through the Congost de Mont-rebei, one of the most fascinating wonders of Catalonia and one of the coolest excursions you can do from Barcelona.

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